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TIRO has been developed as an outsourced conversational AI solution to work for businesses across a wide range of industries. So, what is conversational AI? Essentially, it uses machine learning to facilitate more natural communication between computers and humans through text and even speech. In its purest commercial form, it occurs when users have cost-efficient digital conversations with organisations that are purposeful and natural to the point that they resemble conversations with employees in-person.

How does Tiro work for your business?

Together we will work to develop your custom solution. Tiro’s data team will ensure that the platform is trained based on your requirements and business needs.
Powered by natural language processing (NLP), neural networks and machine learning, over time we create your solution as Tiro learns to understand what users are saying and is able to effectively respond to their queries.
The platform works across multiple functionalities where conversational relationships are key. This may be anything from relationship-based sites which involve in-depth chatting, to online coaching and counselling services to ecommerce sites which require an online presence 24/7 to respond to customer enquiries and feedback.
In this digital age, users expect to be able to talk to the companies they interact with instantly, have their feedback heard and any issues resolved effectively. Conversational AI is fast becoming the answer to this conundrum of being able to respond to customers when and where they want. To use the platform to its fullest potential, we will work closely with you to help you provide the high quality input data Tiro needs to learn from in order to speak with your users. Once that essential data has been submitted, Tiro is put through a stringent trial phase to ensure it is responding as required before going live for your users.